Flight Free Holidays

On Saturday 6 January 2024, between 10.00am and 1.00pm, there will be an Information Day to explore flight-free holidays. This will take place at Walcot Methodist Chapel, Nelson Place East, London Street, Bath BA1 5DA.

  • leaflets and information from travel companies and other organisations
  • opportunities to explore route planning websites
  • details about the carbon footprints of different travel options
  • opportunity to share information and ask questions about flight free options
  • refreshments

Pray for COP28

COP28 takes place from November 30th to December 12th in UAE. How can we respond?

As Christians we have a vital and extra dimension to our response – we can pray! Over the two weeks of COP28, whenever we see a climate-related news story, let’s offer a prayer for wise, caring, honest and effective outcomes from this gathering.

And as we pray let’s make changes to the way we live and seek to influence organisations and governments.

Prayers from Christian Aid

Prayer for affected communities
Almighty God, as floods, droughts, and wildfires wreck lives, homes, and livelihoods, our hearts break as we recognise the injustice at the heart of the climate crisis- it’s the communities who have done the least to cause it who are most affected. We pray that as these communities’ act to recover from climate disasters, and look to adapt to the changing conditions, you will provide protection for them as you did for Noah and his family. We pray that polluting corporations and nations will listen to the calls of affected communities and change their ways, so all your people may live a full life in peace, love, and prosperity.

Prayer for justice
Holy Spirit fill us anew with your presence, so that we may burn brightly for God’s glory. Aid us to hate evil and love goodness, so that we may disrupt the unfairness of our earthly world. Help our actions to let justice roll like a river, so God’s heavenly kingdom is built here on earth. Amen

Prayer for world leaders
Jesus Christ, you are the King of Kings, and in your name all things are possible. We pray for our earthly leaders. May they model your leadership of mercy, justice, and love. May their hearts break like yours when they see the destruction and pain that greed has caused to planet and your children. May they work together to seek solutions which benefit all of creation. Amen.

Prayer for collective action
Creator God, you created a world of community, richness, and love. But human greed has brought separation, destruction, and injustice. So, we pray for the opportunities and boldness to act together with others, to break down the barriers of our selfish desires. We pray our collective actions will be driven by wisdom and love, so that we your church will be agents for justice, as we seek a world fruitful for all of creation. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Latest IPCC Report

Christian climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe has published a helpful summary of the latest IPCC report (entitled the Synthesis Report for the 6th Assessment). Copied below, from LinkedIn.

It summarizes the risks of inaction and rewards of action in seven key figures. Together, these demonstrate how:

  • Climate change has already caused widespread and substantial losses to almost every aspect of human life on this planet, and the impacts on future generations depend on the choices we make NOW.
  • Every bit of warming matters. The warmer the planet gets, the more widespread and pronounced the changes in both average climate and climate and weather extremes become.
  • It’s impacting every aspect of life on earth, from our food and water to the viability of the many species that share this planet with us.
  • We are not doing nearly enough to avoid dangerous impacts, let alone achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement.
  • Our choices matter and the faster we act, the better off we will all be – all of us who call this planet home.
  • And finally, the good news: many of the solutions are (a) already available today, and (b) benefit us in so many ways — addressing health, equity, justice, biodiversity, and even economic concerns while increasing resilience and accelerating the transition to a clean energy future.

Climate change stands between us and a better future. Many of the solutions are already at hand. At this point, the only question is: what are we waiting for? It’s all hands on deck time and if you don’t know how to add your hand — well, I (Katharine) have a TED talk about how to begin!

See all the figures here.

The Big One 21-24 April

The biggest climate protest yet is taking place from 21st April – 24th April at the Houses of Parliament in London. Many Christian organisations will be involved, including Tear Fund, Christian Aid, CAFOD, Green Christian, and A Rocha.

This invitation is for everybody to come together. The event aims to be family friendly, accessible and welcoming, creative and engaging.
Awash with colour and culture, the politically powerful streets of Westminster will be transformed with People’s Pickets outside government departments and a diverse programme of speakers, performers and workshops.

To find out more visit the Christian Climate Action website.

Threads Through Creation

From 7th January to 19th March, Bath Abbey is playing host to ‘Threads through Creation’, a stunning exhibition of twelve enormous, embroidered silk panels that explore the story of Creation.

Inspired by the poetic verses of Genesis, the first book in the Bible, textile artist Jacqui Parkinson re-imagines this ancient story in a vibrant combination of layers of silk, hand-dyed materials, metallic leathers and gold leaf, miles of thread – and more than eight million stitches!

For more information and opening times visit the Bath Abbey website.

Pray for COP27

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP27, is being held from 6–18 November in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Global leaders have come together to discuss how the world can tackle the climate crisis.

Tear Fund invite us to join in prayer for these crucial talks. Their guide, which you can access here, is divided into two sections: the first giving suggestions about what to pray for, and the second providing different creative prayer ideas for you and your church, group or family to use.

Recent reports have shown just how critical COP27 is:

World must dramatically increase efforts to adapt to climate impacts, UN warns (Independent)

World close to ‘irreversible’ climate breakdown, warn major studies (Guardian)

Wildlife populations plummet by 69% – Living planet report 2022 (WWF)

But there are flashes of hope:

North Devon grassland ‘savannah’ to become largest to be created in the UK (National Trust)


CAFE BANES is an informal network of Christians in the Bath and North East Somerset area who are involved in, or want to encourage, action to improve the environment and protect nature.

This blog is a place to inform, encourage, and share.